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The history of Hotel de Pelikaan dates back to 1934, when the construction of Kamphuis De Pelikaan began. At the time, this accommodation had over 80 beds and included a large campsite. One of the first brochures specifically praises the location: "De Pelikaan is located in one of the nicest areas of Texel, close enough to De koog to experience the fun and excitement of a beach resort, yet far enough away to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and scenery in peace."

Over the years, De Pelikaan has undergone some changes with the dormitories being expanded and the construction of small houses for 4, 6 and 8 people on the grounds. To attract guests during WWII, a special brochure was made which stated that: "In contrast to the many horror stories, Texel is untouched" and "all you need to bring is your ration card; everything else is available." Nevertheless, the war had a large influence on tourism and Texel saw a large decline in the number of tourists. Kamphuis De Pelikaan suffered, but was able to stay open.

In the sixties, Kamphuis De Pelikaan was converted into a hotel. A restaurant, lounge and hotel rooms were added to the existing buildings. At that time, Hotel De Pelikaan had 33 rooms and 6 shared bathrooms and toilets. In 1973 the first en suite rooms were created.

Now, many years later, our hotel is up-to-date, fully equipped and modernized to suite the present day level of comfort that is expected from a hotel. We have 62 hotel rooms and several apartments. Yet one element has remained unchanged throughout the years - all the guests at Hotel De Pelikaan can still enjoy the beautiful surroundings and scenery!


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